Margarita Ice Pops

Tequila may make me black out immediately but these ice pops might just be my ticket back into the fiesta.

Cinco de Mayo is TOMORROW!! That gives you tonight to whip up these bad boys and be the life of the party on Saturday. Lucky for you this recipe is 100% fool proof.

That is, if you follow it…


If you’ve ever replaced your parents vodka with water growing up you’ll know 1 very important rule – alcohol doesn’t freeze.

So how do we make FROZEN desserts with a component that chemically refuses to solidify at specific temperatures?

A combo of science and balance.

Leave the science to me and I’ll leave the balancing to you. Each spirit or liquor or alcohol that’s out there will have a different freezing point which means this ain’t a one size fits all formula.

To keep it simple for you folks, with tequila, for every 2 cups of non alcoholic liquid, your maximum tequila must not exceed 1/2 cup. Do not fuck with this or it will not work.

Bueno? Good.

Need a good laugh?

The last time I drank tequila was my Junior year in college. I had just quit a job for the very first time, hadn’t gone out in months and thought 9 shots of Jose Cuervo on an empty stomach was just how the kids were partying these days. Last thing I remember was being walked into a very loud club that sounded silent to me and mentally thinking “you are waaayyy too drunk to be here”. Next thing I knew I woke up tucked in my bed like a mummy, fully clothed head to toe (including jewelry but minus 1 heel that was on the floor) the worlds worst hangover and Ne-yo Pandora Radio was playing on my phone (and apparently all night too since it was burning hot and on 4%). Needless to say, I have great friends and I have been banned from tequila since.

I’ll be at work on Cinco de Mayo so have an extra marg-pop in my honor, okay?

BE SAFE- and stay screamin’ xox


1 1/4 cup of Limeaide (or marg mix for something more pungent)

1/2 cup fresh lime juice

1/4 cup of orange juice

1/4-1/2 cup tequila

1/2 cup of ice

pinch of salt


Blend all ingredients together, pour into molds, freeze overnight!

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