Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts

Doughnuts are now officially one of those things that I am 100% okay if I never make them again, ever.

Don’t get me wrong – they came out freakin’ amazing. But doughnuts take TWO FULL DAYS to make from scratch…

In the words of Simon Cowell –

Slightly Approving Simon Cowell - its a no from me

At work, we have a dessert buffet every night that have chef selected desserts (meaning Chef changes what he puts out every day depending on whatever tickles his fancy). For the last week or so, that happened to include these little mini cinnamon and sugar doughnuts filled with vanilla cream. AH-MAZE-ING.

So good actually, that our buffet attendant would forgo putting them on the actual buffet and would keep them in the side station for the staff to eat. (Which is a big no-no.)

To make up for being the monster that had to tell everyone to stop eating the damn doughnuts, I wanted to make them my own, from scratch.

Two days later and we have some pretty unreal doughnuts. Super fluffy, not too big, not too small and absolutely perfect to stuff with our Philadelphia Style Vanilla Ice Cream.

Safe to say this recipe almost got me manager of the month but like I mentioned before, it takes some serious TLC.

Of course I would have no idea where to start creating a recipe like this without countless trial and errors before hand and since we clearly barely had time to speed through one doughnut recipe, I wasn’t about to try to create 12 different ones to make my own.

Luckily, the baking world is pretty big and I turned to Jerne J Kitchen to help me out.

Find the full recipe for these doughnuts, other flawless creations and a super cool blog at

Stay Screamin’ my loves!! xox

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