Champagne Ice Cream Floats! | Happy New Year!

Tomorrow we raise a glass to the end of this ridiculous nightmare we call 2020.

I have yet to talk with one single person who has made it through this year untouched by mental breakdowns, job loss, bread baking or cat purchases and I think that says something. This has truly been a year I doubt my grandchildren will believe.

In the spirit of traditional New Years reflection, let’s recap some weird things that happened and some important things we’ve learned.

  1. Clearly, no one washes their hands and we all touch our face much more than we realized.
  2. When shit hits the fan, we panic purchase toilet paper.
  3. Whipped coffee is stupid. There – I said it.
  4. I, personally, have always preferred people staying 6 feet away from me. Upsetting it took a pandemic for folks to catch on but hey, we got there.
  5. True happiness is found in the little luxuries. (Like good health and being able to hug your mom.)
  6. Karens will be Karens no matter the situation. It’s in their blood, they can’t help it.
  7. We must unite or we’ll literally accomplish nothing. That goes for BLM, for wearing our masks, for finishing all the Christmas cookies, and just overall as humans.
  8. Teachers should be paid the salaries of surgeons and be rewarded a bottle of wine at the end of every month.
  9. More animals were adopted from shelters this year than any other year, ever. Animals > People.
  10. Trust the process. It’s easier said than done but have faith that regardless of what happens, you will end up exactly where you are meant to be at exactly the right time.

At lastly, treat yourself to this super easy Champagne Ice Cream Float! Homemade raspberry sauce, scoops of creamy ice cream, all topped with your favorite bubbles! Perfect for bringing in a sweet, new year!

Champagne Ice Cream Floats

The perfect adult ice cream float! With homemade raspberry sauce, scoops of ice cream and your favorite bubbles!


  • 1 tbsp raspberry sauce
  • 3 small scoops vanilla ice cream or ice cream of your choice
  • 4 oz champagne or sparkling wine


  • Drizzle a champagne flute with raspberry sauce.
  • Add the scoops of ice cream.
  • Slowly pour in the champagne, stirring slightly half way through and then topping off.


  1. Thank you for putting this year in prospective. I love the blog and the recipe is phenomenal! I can’t waIt to try it!

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