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Ice Cream

The Tonight Dough Remake!

Continuing our Ben & Jerry’s Remake series, we have The Tonight Dough!This ice cream is made with caramel and chocolate ice creams, chocolate cookie pieces, cookie dough chunks and peanut butter cookie dough chunks! The name of this pint is to honor Jimmy Fallon! But this isn’t his first Ben & Jerry’s feature! Jimmy had […]

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Chubby Hubby Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s has been in everyone’s freezer for years. This isn’t a coincidence- they’re just THAT good! We’re taking on the challenge to recreate some of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors completely from scratch!I had you guys write in on my Instagram Stories (@theicescreamqueen) and tell me what flavors you want to see […]

Ice Cream

Charoset Ice Cream – Happy Passover!

Passover starts this weekend and as someone who was raised Jewish, I’ve got lots of memories from Passover week as a kid! I’ve wanted to do this Charoset recipe for, no joke, YEARS.Charoset is a chunky slaw made from crisp sweet apples, toasted walnuts, sweet wine, honey and cinnamon so of course that sounds like […]

Ice Cream

Bailey’s Irish Coffee Ice Cream

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’ve dabbled in a few St. Patrick’s Day themed desserts over the years like our homemade Shamrock Shakes and Guinness Ice Cream but this year we take on the Irish Coffee! Traditional Irish Coffee is made with coffee, brown sugar, whiskey and cream but using a liquor like Bailey’s makes it […]

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Pistachio Ice Cream Pie

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th every year! (3.14)Your feeds will be filled with spring time pies in celebration and your math nerds will be testing their memories to see who can remember the most digits of Pi! What a glorious day. I celebrated Pi Day in high school! Me and my siblings were […]

Ice Cream

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Saturday is National Oreo Day! (If it wasn’t on a Saturday already, I would say that means for a day off of work). We can’t go wrong with a classic and after last week’s crazy recipe, something simple sounds good.Although they are seemingly a harmless cookie, Oreos carry many factors of debate.– What is the […]

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Gianduja Gelato

Gianduja, pronounced jen-DO-yah, is what I like to call the OG version of Nutella. And it’s quite amazing. Gianduja comes from Torino, Italy, where they grow some of the world’s best hazelnuts. They combine their hazelnuts with some of Piedmont, Italy’s famous milk chocolate, and you have a chocolate hazelnut paste that can (and should) […]


Pecan Pie Ice Cream

In honor of Black History Month, I put on my researcher’s cap and dug deep into Martin Luther King Jr’s favorite foods. No surprise that such a sweet man loved the world’s sweetest pie – PECAN PIE. Black History Month is wildly important but even more so than ever this year. It’s not just about […]