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Ice Cream

Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream – Valentine’s Day

Loving red velvet cake seems to be the cult following of the dessert world. If you’re someone who loves red velvet – you LOVE red velvet. And if that fits your description, this recipe is for you. Valentine’s Day will always be one of my favorite holidays. I say this every year. Some call it […]

Ice Cream

Avocado Ice Cream

Avocados get turned into so many amazing things – why not ice cream?The finale of our healthy-ish January brings us to a highly requested flavor! Step aside guacamole, there’s a new avocado show stopper in town! Although this recipe does have some cream and sugar, the star of the show is our healthy twist! Avocado’s […]


Mocha Sherbert

When we hear the word “sherbert” our brains tend to immediately picture a bucket of rainbow swirls or a Flintstone’s Push -Pop (wow, I miss those). But this sherbert is not like the rest! Packed with a caffeine punch and creamy texture, this Mocha Sherbert is a perfect swap for a classic coffee ice cream. […]

Ice Pops

Power Smoothie Ice Pops

Let’s make “new year, new you” a bit easier, shall we? The start of a new year usually marks the start of millions of people trying out cleanse diets, new workout plans and setting weight loss goals that eventually die out by time the Valentines candy starts rolling in. I’m not a “resolutions” type gal […]

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Ice Cream Rainbow Cookies!

Rainbow Cookies are a Christmas staple in my family. There will literally be an UPROAR if we don’t have those on the cookie spread. Given these are a pain in the ass to make, my siblings cherish the rare appearance once a year and refuse to let anything get in the way of that. Rainbow […]

Fun Desserts

Jelly Doughnuts (Sufganiyot)

Happy Hanukkah my Jewish friends! Hanukkah this year starts tomorrow night at sundown and what better way to get in the Hanukkah spirit than with homemade jelly doughnuts filled with ice cream and covered with powdered sugar!! I was one of the lucky kids who celebrated both Hanukkah and Christmas growing up. We we’re raised […]

Ice Cream

Pistachio – Cranberry Ice Cream

Anyone else feel like the universe should give out awards each time you make it through a month of 2020? “Congratulations! You’ve completed Phase 11 of the Shittiest Year on Earth Challenge! With the BONUS mini-challenge courses of Thanksgiving-Without-Your-Family, Seasonal-Depression and The-Loss-Of-Alex-Trebek! Way to go!“ Coming up in Phase 12 of the SYOE Challenge, we […]