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Diary Free, Ice Cream

Almond Joy Ice Cream (Dairy Free)

The whole month of May was dedicated to another highly requested theme – Dairy Free Recipes! Yes, I know it’s currently the end of November and I am just getting around to writing all these recipes out formally. Better late than never? If you’ve watched any of my Science Videos, you know that making a […]

Ice Cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

You guys went absolutely NUTS when I posted this on Instagram (@theicescreamqueen)!! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is definitely one of the most requested flavors, which makes sense because (fun fact) it’s one of the top five favorite flavors in the US! A traditional sweet cream base with homemade, eggless chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough […]

Fun Desserts, Ice Cream

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups

Step aside Reese’s, there’s a new sherif in town. Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE Reese’s fan but this ice cream version knocks it out of the park. With a dark chocolate shell and rich, creamy, homemade peanut butter ice cream, this dessert takes your average peanut butter cup and turns it into […]

Ice Pops

Vitamin-C Ice Pops

It wouldn’t be a health crisis if we didn’t all rush to load ourselves up with vitamin-c! Before you freak out, this recipe isn’t loaded with Emergen-C or something nasty (I’m weird, but not that weird, ewwww). These ice pops are so refreshing, I would literally treat myself to one directly after working out. Talk […]


Pure-L: Lemon Champagne Sorbet

Don’t worry, there’s no hand sanitizer in this recipe. MY Pure-L is made from pure lemons! This lemon sorbet isn’t just ya mama’s lemon sorbet. With everything going on, we could DEFINITELY use a DRINK! A splash of champagne in our sorbet adds a sparkling flavor and gives us a wonderful texture.

Ice Cream

Flan-Demic Ice Cream

I work in the hospitality industry as my “rEaL jOb” and given where the world has been in the last few months, you can come to the assumption I’ve had a lot of time on my hands recently. When Covid first started, we watched the hotel slowly (and then very quickly) collapse. Our days changed […]

Ice Cream

Mocha Cookie Crumble Ice Cream

Everyone has their go-to guilty pleasure at Starbucks and if you try to pull the “not me, I like black coffee with no milk or sugar” bullsh*t, you can leave. Java Chip Frappuccinos are still at the top of the list for me but ever since the MOCHA COOKIE CRUMBLE Frap came on the scene, […]