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Ice Cream

The Tonight Dough Remake!

Continuing our Ben & Jerry’s Remake series, we have The Tonight Dough!This ice cream is made with caramel and chocolate ice creams, chocolate cookie pieces, cookie dough chunks and peanut butter cookie dough chunks! The name of this pint is to honor Jimmy Fallon! But this isn’t his first Ben & Jerry’s feature! Jimmy had […]

Ice Cream

Flan-Demic Ice Cream

I work in the hospitality industry as my “rEaL jOb” and given where the world has been in the last few months, you can come to the assumption I’ve had a lot of time on my hands recently. When Covid first started, we watched the hotel slowly (and then very quickly) collapse. Our days changed […]

Ice Cream

Mini Snickers Ice Cream Cake

I don’t want to be dramatic but I honestly don’t know how I’ll ever make anything that is better than this. Mini Snickers Ice Cream Cake comes in as Recipe #4 for our National Ice Cream Month Challenge! Although slightly time consuming, these little cakes have made me happier than I could have ever expected […]