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Ice Cream

Charoset Ice Cream – Happy Passover!

Passover starts this weekend and as someone who was raised Jewish, I’ve got lots of memories from Passover week as a kid! I’ve wanted to do this Charoset recipe for, no joke, YEARS.Charoset is a chunky slaw made from crisp sweet apples, toasted walnuts, sweet wine, honey and cinnamon so of course that sounds like […]

Ice Cream

Avocado Ice Cream

Avocados get turned into so many amazing things – why not ice cream?The finale of our healthy-ish January brings us to a highly requested flavor! Step aside guacamole, there’s a new avocado show stopper in town! Although this recipe does have some cream and sugar, the star of the show is our healthy twist! Avocado’s […]